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GMHXP Owners Manual, 7001-31000-000

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  • Owners manual
  • GMH5992XP, GMH5992RP

What is the GMHXP Owners Manual? 

The 7001-31000-000 is an owners manual for Relm BK GMHXP mobile radios. This owners manual will help users learn how to operate their new radio and troubleshoot issues that may arise.  

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • GMH5992XP Mobile Radios 

Why choose the 7001-31000-000? 

The GMHXP manual for owners is a quick reference guide for buttons and functions within the mobile radio. Contains hand programming instructions for field programming using a DTMF Mic.

Bendix King GMH5992XP Mobile Radio Owners Manual, 7001-31000-000