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Telescoping BigBoost Xtreme 33" Antenna for DPH, GPH Radios

BigBoost SKU: ANKRTEBB33V170
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  • Compact (9") for easy storage
  • 13dB = distance, most standard antennas are 0dB gain
  • Unbeatable performance when extended
  • Select center tuning from 153, 166, or 170 MHz
  • Each antenna can be safely used 3 MHz to either side of the center frequency
  • Unmatched boost in range when you need it most
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What is the BigBoost Xtreme 33" Telescoping Antenna? 

The BigBoost Xtreme is a 33 inch antenna which is designed to boost your transmit signal for extreme range. This antenna screws into the threaded KR antenna connector on top of the radio and plugs into the RF port on the side of the Bendix King legacy series portable radios. The BigBoost Xtreme also known as the BBX is compact and easy to store when retracted with great performance when extended. 

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • DPH5102X, DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD
  • GPH5102X, GPH5102XP, GPH5102XP-CMD
  • EPH Series Radios 

Why you need the ANKRTEBB33V?

When your Rubber Ducky antenna just isn't providing enough signal strength, the BigBoost Xtreme antenna will make up the difference! This antenna is designed for extreme range and comes in 3 different VHF frequency ranges. The BigBoost Xtreme antenna can be ordered with center tuning of 153MHz, 166MHz or 170MHz.  These antennas are meant to be transmitted through +/-3 MHz from the center frequency tuning of the frequency of the antenna you order.

Telescoping BigBoost Xtreme 33" Antenna for Bendix King DPH, GPH Portable Radios

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Telescoping 9-52"
Red, Blue, Black
dB Gain
13 dB
replaces products
49SSTSKR, 901-1110-170, 901-1110-166, 901-1110-153