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BigBoost Dual Band 8 Inch Structure Antenna for BKR5000 & Motorola Radios

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  • 8 Inch BigBoost Dual Band Antenna
  • Talk Further with 1.8 db gain
  • VHF 136-165 MHz & UHF 400-470 MHz
  • Use with Radios that use an Flush SMA Female Connector (moto style)
  • Specifically Designed for Structure Fire Radios

What is the NEW Dual Band BigBoost Antenna? 

The ANSFMWPBB8VU is a BigBoost 8 inch antenna for handheld two-way radios that use a Flush SMA Female Antenna connection (Motorola Style). This antenna is great for radio users who need an extra BOOST with their BKR5000 and Motorola Series portable radios without the extra length. This VHF 136-165 MHz and UHF 400-470 MHz antenna with Motorola style SMA-F flush Connector has a 1.8 dB gain.  The short design allows for you to maneuver in small spaces for structure fires. 

Works with the following Radios: 

  • BK Technologies BKR5000
  • BK Technologies BKR9000
  • Motorola Handheld Radios (that use SMA Female Connectors)
  • Hytera: TC-518 OBR, PD502, PD562, BD502, PD702, PD702G, PD752, PD752G, PD782, PD782G, UL913, PD792Ex, PD702G, UL913, PD602, PD602G, PD662, PD662G, PD682, PD682G, X1e, X1p, PD412, TC-270, TC-370, PD785, PD982, PD785i, PD702i, PD705, PD755, PT580H

Why Choose the ANSFMWPBB8VU? 

The BigBoost 8 inch dual band antenna is the shortest antenna available for the BKR5000 radios. This antenna has 1.8 db gain and covers both the VHF 136-165 MHz and UHF 400-470 MHz frequencies. As the NEWEST BigBoost antenna on the market you should get this for when the 18inch is too long, but you still need unparalleled coverage.

8 Inch Dual Band Structure Antenna for BKR5000 & Motorola Radios

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Standard 7-11"
dB Gain
1.8 dB
replaces products
BKR0810GPS, BKR0813

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