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Products Metal Belt Clip, MAEV-NHC2G for Harris XG-75P Portable Radios

  • Simplest and least expensive option for wearing your radio on your belt
  • Metal Belt Clip Just Snaps into Place

What is the MAEV-NHC2G?

The MAEV-NHC2G is a metal belt clip for the Harris Radio XG-75P. The metal belt clip is one of the most secure ways to carry your BK Radio

Works with the following Bendix King Radios:

  • Harris Radio XG-75P and XG-75Pe

Why Choose the MAEV-NHC2G Metal Belt Clip?

Looking for an easy and safe way to carry your Harris radio? The metal belt clip is designed for the Harris Radio XG-75P. The clip attaches to your belt and is built to withstand 

MAEV-NHC2G Metal Belt Clip for Harris Radio XG-75P

Technical Details

Product Specifications