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Speaker/Auxiliary Cable Assembly, KAA0647 for KNG-M

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  • Easy Replacement
  • Factory original part
  • Aux. / Speaker Cable Assembly for BK KNG-M Series

What is the KAA0647 Aux Plug?

The KAA0647 connects with KAA0261 external speaker microphone for the KNG-M Series Bendix King Mobile Radios.  This plug comes with every new KNG-M series mobile radio in the installation kit.

Works with?

  • KNG-M150 Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M400 Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M500 Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M800 Bendix King Radio
  • KAA0660 Remote Head for Bendix King Radio

Why choose the Replacement KAA0647?

The KAA0647 DB25 Aux plug is required to be used along with the KNG mobile radios in order to connect the external speakers and ignition sense lines.  The either the ignition sense needs to be connected or the Red pigtail lines need to be connected for the radio to remain powered on.

KAA0647 Aux. / Speaker Cable Assembly for Bendix King Radio KNG M

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