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8' Remote Head Separation Cable, KAA0635 for KNG-M

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  • Remote Mount Cable, KAA0635
  • 8 foot long remote mount cable
  • Allows for separation between radio mount and head

What is the Bendix King 8' Remote Mount Cable?

The BK KNG mobile series radio 8 foot remote mount cable. 

Works with: 

  • KNG-M150R Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M400R Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M500R Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M800R Bendix King Radio
  • KAA0660 Bendix King Radio
  • KAA0670 Bendix King Radio
  • KNG-M Series Dash Mount Bendix King Radio

Why choose BK KAA0635 Remote Cable Mount?

The 8' remote mount cable is used to mount the radio and heads in different locations. 

 *For 17' separation cable see KAA0636 or 25' separation cable see KAA0637

BK Radio KNG-M Series Mobile, 8' Remote Mount Head Separation Cable, KAA0635

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