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6ft Aluminum Tripod Base for Antennas, USAT-1

BK Technologies SKU: INTPRE6
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  • 6ft Antenna Mounting base
  • BK USAT-1 Tri-pod
  • Light weight Aluminum

What is the USAT-1?

The BK USAT-1 is a Aluminum 6ft Tripod.

Works With:

Use with RDPR and Base station antennas

Why Choose the USAT-1?

Choose the USAT-1 Tri pod to mount the antennas for the RDPR portable repeaters and stand them away from the base unit for the best signal approach.  The tri-pods can also be mounted on a roof and have a base station antenna mounted for a more permanent antenna set up.

6ft Tripod, USAT-1 - Aluminum for BK Radio Repeater and base antennas

Technical Details

Product Specifications

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