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ASP7455 5/8 Wave Roof Mount Antenna, 55 Inch, VHF 138-174 MHz

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  • 55 inch whip antenna
  • NMO Style Mount
  • Patented DURA-FLEX; elastomer spring eliminates duplex system noise.
  • Features a black UV stabilized ABS base that resists chalking for long lasting operation.

What Is the ASP7455 Antenna?

The Maxrad APS7455 is a high performance rubber base antenna VHF 138-174 MHz  with 3 db gain. Overall antenna length 55" and have an NMO style mount.

Works with:

  • VHF mobile vehicle radios
  • BK DMH & GMH mobile radios
  • BK KNG-M mobile radios

Why choose the ASP7455 Roof Mount Antenna?

The ASP7455 roof mounted antenna is 55 inches long and produces 3 dB gain which increases your transmission clarity and distance. The extra length of the whip antenna helps get the signal up higher and out further than standard 1/4 wave antennas.

Along with your antenna you will need the correct connector for your brand radio as well as mount with coax cable. You have the options of permanent mounts or magnetic mounts. Once the mount is selected select the connector that goes to the back of your radio.

Maxrad ASP7455 - Roof Mount, 55 Inch Base Loaded Antenna, VHF 138-174 MHz, 3db Gain

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
55 Inch
dB Gain
3 db