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8-Pin Threaded Microphone Connector for BK KNG-M

BK Technologies SKU: PARE2105-00259-108
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  • Replacement Mic Jack
  • Replacement Mic Jack
  • Use with KNG-M Mobile Radios

What is the 2105-00259-108?

The 2105-00259-108 is a replacement 8-pin threaded microphone connector for the KNG Mobile Radios.

Works with the following Radios:

  • KNG-M150 / KNG-M150R
  • KNG-M400 / KNG-M400R
  • KNG-M500 / KNG-M500R
  • KNG-M800 / KNG-M800R

Why Choose This Part?

If you are needing to replace or repair the existing mic jack on the front of the radio you will need this as well as the flex ribbon cable (1700-31018-800 Sold Separately). 

8-Pin Connector Recepticle, PARE2105-00259-108 - Replacement Threaded Mic Connector for BK KNG-M Mobile Radios

Technical Details

Product Specifications

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