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Desktop 20 Amp Power Supply, AC to DC, ICT12012-20A

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  • Powers up to 50 watt radio
  • Fits in 19" rack
  • Thermally controlled fan
  • 7.1"W x 8.83"L x 2.4"H

What is the ICT 12012-20A? 

The ICT 12012-20A is a desktop power supply which produces 20 amps of DC power from an AC wall plug. The 7.1" case width allows you to match an ICT power supply with a regular sized mobile radio. 

Works With:

50 Watt Mobile Radios

Why choose the Desktop 20 Amp Power Supply?

20 AMP power supply perfect for 50 watt base station radio power needs. This power supply powers up to a 50 watt radio.   Use along with a mobile radio to use it on a desktop as a base station.

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