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Remote Head Separation Cable 17' for DMH, GMH

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  • 17-foot separation cable for BK DMH5992R and GMH5992XR
  • 17' separation between the radio and remote head

What is the 17' Separation Cable, MADMHINRESK17?

The MADMHINRESK17 cable allows for 17' separation between the radio and remote head. 

Works with:

  • DMH5992R Bendix King Radio
  • GMH5992XR Bendix King Radio

Why choose the 17-foot Separation Cable?

The 17' cable is most common cable length for remote mount radio installations. Mount any BK Legacy remote mount radio under a back seat in a vehicle and the remote head up on the dash with this 17' extension cable.  


*For 8' cable see MADMHIN9RSC8 or for 25' extra-long cable see MADMHIN9RSC25

MADMHIN9RSC17 Separation Cable 17' LAA0642 for Bendix King DMHR, GMHXR Radios

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Bendix King LAA0642, Bendix King 6006-30975-305, Bendix King MADMHIN9RSC17, LAA0642, 6006-30975-305, MADMHIN9RSC17