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16 Inch, VHF 148-174 MHz, Whip Antenna LAA0813

BK Technologies SKU: ANDPHWPBB16V
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  • KR Threaded Connector
  • 16 Inch Whip Antenna
  • Best performance out of Rubber ducky antennas

What is the LAA0813 Antenna? 

The LAA0813 is a 16 inch whip style flexible antenna tuned to 148-174 MHz for Bendix King legacy series handheld radios.  The Antenna has a threaded KR connector to screw into the top of the BK Radios.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

  • DPH5102X, DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD
  • GPH5102X, GPH5102XP, GPH5102XP-CMD
  • EPH Series Radios 

Why choose the Whip Antenna? 

The 16 inch whip antenna is flexible enough that you can wear the BK Radio in a holster, chest pack or shoulder strap and the antenna will bend and move as you do.  The extended length provides better performance than the shorter antennas.

Technical Details

Product Specifications

type length
Whip 16-60"
dB Gain
0 dB

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