Antenna Mount Permanent, NMO with N-TYPE Male Connector

  • Permanent Antenna Mount
  • NMO Style Mount
  • Type N Connector Uninstalled

What is it the NMO-NTYPE?

The NMO-NTYPE is an permanent antenna mount, NMO style with N-Type Male connector for mounting roof mount antennas. The mount comes with 17 feet RG58 Coax and loose connector.

Works with:

  • Radios that have N-Female RF Antenna ports
  • BK Radio KNG M series mobile radio

Why choose the N-Type Permanent Antenna Mount?

Choose the NMO-NTYPE antenna mount because is comes with the NMO mount, 17 feet of RG58 coax and the N-Male RF connector which is everything needed to install the roof mount antenna with the Bendix King KNG-M Series Radios.  The coax cable connects to the back of the mobile radio RF connector and then is run to the roof where it is permanently mounted through the roof and the antenna threaded down onto the NMO connector.


More Information
Long Name Bendix King Permanent Antenna Mount, NMO-NTYPE - NMO, RG58 Coax, N-Type Connector
Product Name Antenna Mount Permanent, NMO with N-TYPE Male Connector
Manufacturer BK Technologies
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