Permanent Antenna Mount MB8PI with UHF Male Connector

  • Thru Hole NMO Mount
  • 17 feet RG58 Coax
  • UHF Male Connector Comes Attached to Coax Cable

What is the MB8PI Permanent Antenna Mount?

The MB8PI is a permanent thru hold antenna mount.  The mount comes with 17' stranded RG58 attached to Motorola style NMO mount with a PL259 UHF male connector (RFU505) attached.

Works With:

Use along with Mobile radios and NMO antennas

Add BK portable Radio adapter to utilize the roof mounted antenna through the handheld radio.

Why Choose the MB8PI?

Choose the MB8PI antenna permanent NMO mount when installing a radio which uses a female UHF antenna connector and an NMO mount antenna.  The UHF Male RF cable connector is the most commonly used antenna RF connector for mobile radios, excluding Bendix King Brand.

More Information
Long Name Laird MB8PI, Permanent Antenna Mount, NMO Style, 17' RG58U/A Coax, (PL259) UHF Male Connector
Product Name Permanent Antenna Mount MB8PI with UHF Male Connector
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs MB8PI
Manufacturer Laird
Antenna Base, Coax, Connector
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