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  1. KAA0648 Ruggedized Miner Mic Replacement Cable, PAKNGSPMMCA - 24" Coil Cable for RELM BK Radio KNG
    Ruggedized Miner Mic Replacement Cable for KNG

    • Save money and replace the cable not the entire mic
    • Use a Miner Mic for different models of radios by changing the cable out
    • Quick and easy cable swap
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  2. 1100-31002-500 Battery Eliminator for Relm BK Radio KNG P Series
    Battery Eliminator, Unterminated for KNG

    The battery eliminator eliminates the need to replace Relm BK batteries however it will remove the portability advantage that the KNG portable radios have. 

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  3. BTH Dual Muff Headset Coiled Cord, PAKNGDMMMCA - for Relm BK Radio KNG
    Dual Muff Headset Coiled Cord for BK KNG-P, KNG2-P Handheld Radios

    • This replacement coiled cord for Dual Muff Headset
    • Compatible with KNG Portable Radios
    • Easy to swap out cord on headset
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  4. 2509-30990-500 KNG Name Inlay Sticker, for RELM BK Radio KNG-P150
    Name Plate Inlay Sticker for KNG-P150
    SKU PARE2509-30990-500
    • BK Radio Name Inlay Sticker 
    • Compatible with KNG-P150
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4 Items

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