Owner's Manual for KNG-P150CMD, 7001-31050-400

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What is the KNG-P150CMD Owner's Manual?

The 7001-31050-400 is an owner's manual for the Bendix King KNG-P150CMD (Command) portable radios. This owner's manual will provide the radio operator with everything needed to operate the BK Technologies KNG-P150CMD handheld radios.

Works with the Following Bendix King Radios:

  • KNG-P150CMD

Why choose this Owner's Manual?

The BK Radio KNG-P150CMD (Cal Fire Radio) owners manual is good for new users and experienced users alike as it provides information on the correct functionality of the KNG mobile radio. 

More Information
Long Name Owners Manual, 7001-31050-400 - for RELM BK Radio KNG-P150CMD Series Raidos
Product Name Owner's Manual for KNG-P150CMD, 7001-31050-400
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs No
Radio Model KNG-P
Type Owners Manuals

KNG-P150CMD Owners Manual 

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