KNG-P800, 763-870 MHz P25 Phase 1 Trunking Radio


Awesome Because:

  • Flex Mode APCO P25 digital and Analog in one radio.
  • 5000 Channels.
  • 12+ hours of operation on a single charge.
  • Light weight, yet built BK tough!
  • Easy operation.
  • Intuitive Programming.
  • Many accessories available.
  • Field programmable.
  • 3 watt transceiver.
  • Crisp clear audio.
  • P25 Phase 1 Trunking Feature Included!

KNG P800 portable radio | P25 Digital Portable Two-way Radios


- Includes Phase 1 P25 Trunking Feature - 4 Remaining

Meet the KNG Series digital portable radio. The one radio that works as long and as hard as you do – in the same mission critical situations as you do. Compliant with APCO Project 25 specifications, the KNG Series assures uninterrupted interoperability across frequencies, different groups of responders and variation in terrain.

Advanced Features

1-6 Watts RF Power Output

Extend the radio’s reach with up to 6 Watts of signal clarity. High and low settings are programmable by channel for power efficiency.

5000 Channels, Custom Grouping

Custom-tailored user groups can be programmed into the KNG by radio users and can also be field changed or reprogrammed whenever necessary.

100 Programmable Quick Call ID’s

Connect with select radio users easily and ASAP through RELM’s Quick Call function.

Busy Channel Selections

Designed to indicate and prevent interference on active channels.

Channel/Priority/Dual Mode/Group Scan

Find an available channel for communications: scan by channel, priority channel, or scan by groups, one group at a time. Dual Mode Scan allows you to simultaneously scan conventional and trunked radio systems.

Problem Prevention Features

The Keypad lock prevents you from accidentally hitting a button that may activate functions unintentionally.

Birdie Free

Only RELM Wireless goes the extra mile to create a truly birdie free radio, which means there are no blacked out frequencies on our portable.

DVSI AMBE+2 Version 1.60 Vocoder

The version 1.60 Vocoder provides improved RF performance in a variety of degraded signal conditions. It also provides enhanced audio signal conditioning which improves system performance in the presence of background noise.

Text Messaging

Users sending text messages receive an acknowledgement that deliver of the message was successful. Text Messages can be sent radio-to-radio or can be repeated through fixed network equipment.

Superior Audio Quality

The KNG comes equipped with a 1.6” diameter speaker, giving you the loudest and clearest sound with the least distortion.

Long Battery Life

The KNG works as long as you do, putting in 12+ hours of reliable communication everyday. Upgrade to the KAA0101, a compact 3600 mAH battery and boost your battery life to 16+ hours.

Custom Programming

Our intuitive menu system and feature set is fully customized to fit your everyday needs.

Waterproof IP67 Rating

Dust tight and waterproof - the KNG Portable is especially designed to withstand 30 minutes of water immersion at 1 meter depth.


The KNG Portable has gone through rigorous testing and meets or exceeds military requirements.

APCO Project 25

The KNG Portable meets or exceeds APCO P25 standards.

Large LCD Display

Day or night, get all the information at a glance with our bright 13 character, 5 line LCD Display.

Field or USB Programmable

Ease of use. The KNG can be programmed via USB port on virtually any PC.

Talk Around

This feature allows you to bypass or “talk around” a repeater for a direct connection.

Emergency Signaling

KNG series radios support emergency calls and emergency alarms at the touch of the orange button.


P25 Trunking

The KNG 9600 Baud Trunking option gives you the ability to communicate without hassle and without complication. Compatible with competitor Trunking systems, RELM Wireless Trunking is P25 compliant and loaded with features, such as encryption and many unit-to-unit specializations. Best of all you get RELM’s ease of use. Using our intuitive software, modifying your KNG Trunking features will be simple.  These Radios are P25 Phase 1 compatible Only!


Over-the-air re-keying is an easy solution to efficiently change encryption keys. Completed almost effortlessly, encryption keys are changed over the air with a touch of a button.


RELM Wireless Over-the-air-programming gives you the ability to reprogram a unit from a central console to anywhere within your coverage area. It allows for you to make the necessary changes to a remote radio without the hassle of extra personnel, wasted time, and additional equipment.

Multicast Vote Scan

Multicast Vote Scan capable KNG Series radios automatically select the best site to operate from in a wide area system. Channels in the multicast conventional system are added to the scar list and designated as “voted” channels. The KNG Radio scans all voted channels and selects the channel with the best signal.

AES/DES/OFB Encryption

AES and DES (Digital Encryption Standard) allows you to communicate with other radios that have the specific key programmed. RELM’s AES/DES Encryption is NIST certified, validated FIPS 140-2 Type III encryption with a 256 key load.

More Information
Long Name KNG-P800 Digital APCO P25, 763-870 MHz, 5000 Channels, 3 Watt, Full Keypad - RELM BK Portable Radio
Product Name KNG-P800, 763-870 MHz P25 Phase 1 Trunking Radio
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs No
Frequency Range (Band) 700/800
# of Channels 5000
Grade Public Safety
Technology APCO P25 Digital
Transmit Power 3 Watts
Screen Type LCD
Water Rating IP67 Submersible
Buttons On Faceplate Field Programmable Keypad (DTMF)
Programming Options Clone, Keypad (direct entry), PC Computer
Trunking Optional
GPS Enabled GPS Optional
Encryption AES/DES Optional
Explosive Environment Rating Intrinsically Safe Optional
CMD Feature Set No

Radio, Manual, Side Port Cover



Frequency Range 763-870 MHz
Channels 5000
Battery Life (up to) 12+ Hours
Zones (up to) 32
Operating Voltage 10 V
Channel Spacing 12.5/25 kHz
Channel Increments 1.25 kHz
Operating Temperature -30 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions (W x D x H) 2.5 x 1.8 x 5.5 in
Weight w/ Battery 16 oz
Standby Current Draw 75 mA


Sensitivity: 12db SINAD -121 dBm
P25 Sensitivity: 5% BER -121 dBm
Adjacent Channel Rejection 80 (70) dB
P25 Adjacent Channel Rejection 60 dB
Spurious and Images 80 dB
Intermodulation Rejection 78 dB
Audio Response +1dB / -3dB
Audio Distortion at 500 mW 1 %
RX Current Draw 150 mA


RF Power 3/1 Watts
Frequency Stability 1.5 ppm
Modulation Deviation 5 (2.5) kHz
Audio Distortion 3 %
FM Hum and Noise 50 (44) dB
Spurious and Harmonics 75 dB
Current Draw @ High Power 1500 mA
Audio Response +1 db / -3 dB
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