Heavy Equipment Operator BK KNG2 Radio Bundle

  • Grab and go simplicity
  • Designed Specifically for Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Lowest total cost of ownership for a KNG2 P series Kit
  • Comes with everything you need to operate like a pro
  • (1) Relm BK Radio KNG P150 or upgrade to the command version
  • (1) ANKNGWPBB18V - BigBoost 18 Inch Whip Antenna
  • (1) AAKNGDMMMR - Dual Muff BTH Headset
  • (1) BAKNGCSBAR.2 - Red AA Battery clamshell
  • (1) BAKNGRCKK41U - Blue 4100 mAh Rechargeable Battery
  • (1) CHKNGVC9R1BE - Vehicle Charger
  • (1) CAKNGA9RDBDL - D-Swivel Kit, Belt loop and Metal D-Button
  • Enable Field Programming 

What is the Heavy Equipment Operator Bundle? 

The Heavy Equipment Operator bundle has the essentials for wildland firefighters who operate heavy machinery. The Kit allows for two different radio options, the KNG2-P150 or the KNG P-150CMD. The Bendix King KNG2 P150 works for both Cal Fire and USFS wildland fire radio communications contracts (NIFC Fire Approved Radio). The Relm BK KNG P150CMD and KNG2-P150CMD is approved for Cal Fire Contracts.

What's Included: 

  • (1) KNG2 P150 or KNG2P150CMD - handheld portable two-way radio. The KNG P series is waterproof and designed to be BK tough, so it can handle all of the harsh environments you do.
  • (1) Behind the Head Headset, Dual Muff AAKNGDMMMRDual muff style behind the head headset to be used with BK Radio KNG portable radios. This headset comes with adjustable behind-the-head stainless steel band, over-the-head adjustable Velcro strap, and an aviation-style boom microphone with adjustable arm.
  • (1) Big Boost - ANKNGWPBB18V - 18 Inch whip Big Boost antenna 2.1DB for perfect balance of range and price.
  • (1) Clamshell - BAKNGCSBAR.2 - BadAss Red "AA" Battery Clamshell. This is the most cost-effective and often the most convenient way to power the Bendix King radios.
  • (1) BadAss Battery - BAKNGRCKK41U - Blue 4100 mAh, Li-Ion super high capacity batteries. These batteries last as longer than your longest shift under normal conditions.
  • (1) 49er Vehicle Charger - CHKNGVC9R1BE - Rapid rate vehicle mounted charger with mounting plate and lighter adapter for quick, easy, and convenient installation.
  • (1) D-Swivel Kit - CAKNGA9RDBDL - KNG Radio carry solution that replaces the plastic belt clip and or a radio holster. The kit includes the KNG D-Button and the Leather belt loop. Connect the D-Button Swivel on the radio battery in place of the belt clip and attach the snapping leather belt loop to your belt for an easy on/off carrying of the radio.
  • (1) Field Programming Enabled - While KNG P series radios are field programmable they do not come from the factory with the field programmable option turned on. If you buy a radio as part of this bundle we will turn on this feature for FREE.

Why Choose this Bundle?

USFS and Cal Fire personnel and their contractors need rugged equipment that can handle the harsh environments of wildland firefighting.  These days everybody is looking for a good value, so we put these kits together for the purpose of giving you the lowest possible total cost of ownership.  This kit provides exceptional balance of rugged performance and low cost to give you the lowest total cost of ownership.

More Information
Long Name Heavy Equipment Operator Radio package for both USFS and Cal Fire Contractors - Includes KNG2 P150, 10.5" VHF Antenna, RED Clamshell, 3600 mAh Rechargeable Battery, Vehicle Charger, Dual Muff BTH Headset, D-Swivel Belt Loop with field Programming Enabled.
Product Name Heavy Equipment Operator BK KNG2 Radio Bundle
Manufacturer 49er Communications
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