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Line Card

Line Card
Price: $1,105.00
Product ID : GPH5102XP
Weight: 1.65 lbs



Analog GPH5102XP - 400 Ch, 5 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHz Bendix King Two Way Handheld Radio. 

Package Includes

  • Radio
  • Options Plug Cover
  • Lexan Keypad Cover
  • Owners Manual

Bendix King GPH two way radios also have the ability to clone group information from other radios for wide use in the fire and public safety sectors, such as the Bendix King GPH, GMH, EPH, and LPH two way radios. The GPH5102XP is also made cost efficient by reusing your accessories from the BK DPH, EPH, and LPH series two way radios; there is no need to buy new cables, cases, batteries, microphones, and antennas.

BK Radios have the lowest current drain available and can provide an unmatched 18 hours of operation without recharging the battery (using the 3800mAH battery).

While the BK Radio GPH5102XP two way radios exceeds NIFC standards for public safety fire radios, all channels can be programmed via a computer or from the keypad. Additionally the Windows-based programming is focused on the radio user.  Despite the multitude of options and features on the BK GPH radios they are easy to program and easy to use.

The BK Radio GPH Series is the best value in high specification public safety radios. You may also be interested in the command version of the GPH5102X-CMD two way radio.


400 Channels, 25 User Groups, 16 Channels per Group
136-174 MHz Frequency Range
5/1.5 watts RF Power
Field Programmable Keypad
Channel and Priority (dual priority) scan
Nuisance Channel Delete
Easy to Use, Easy to Customize
Weatherproof Design
18 Hours of Battery Life
Cloning Technology
Flash Technology
Code Guard Squelch (CTCSS)
Digital Code Guard Squelch (CDCSS)
User Selectable Code Guard
Talkback Scan
Busy Channel Lockout
Busy Channel Indicator
DTMF Encode
Programmable Soft Switches
*Note on Optional Batteries: Ni-CAD Battery Can use either standard rate chargers or rapid rate chargers, Li-IonBatteries must use Rapid Rate Chargers




PDF Brochure GPH5102XP Brochure  PDF Brochure GPH5102XP Owners Manual