DPH5102X-CMD VHF 136-174 MHz


Awesome Because:

  • **OUT OF STOCK**
  • Command Features.
  • APCO P25 Digital and Analog in one radio.
  • 500 Channels.
  • Easy operation.
  • Widest range of accessories of any radio in its class.
  • Field programmable.
  • Powerful 5 watt transceiver.
  • Crisp clear audio.
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Bendix King DPH5102X-CMD Digital Portable Radio - Command Version. P25 APCO, 500 Channels, 5 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHZ

Specially engineered for managing multi-unit, wide-area emergency response, the new DPH-CMD puts you in command with 500 channels, 25 users groups with up to 20 channels per group, and true digital-analog mixed-mode operations.

RELM will continue to manufacture and support the ‘D’ Series radios.

Advanced Features

Custom Programmable Modes

All 400 channels can be programmed for digital operation, analog operation, or both. Frequencies programmed for mixed-mode operation recognize the format of a received signal and can automatically transmit in the same format.

Cloning Technology

Effortlessly clone information from one radio to another in minutes. Cloning technology gives you the opportunity to update other DPH, EPH, GPH or KNG portables in minutes.

Password Protection

The DPH can be password protected. RELM’s unique multi-level password protected field and computer programming options allow you to easily protect your radio with a customized password.

Network Access

The DPH gives you the opportunity to choose user selectable network access codes and/or code guard for finding the best signal path without changing channels.

Quick Call/Auto Call Back

Gain instant access via unit-to-unit through RELM’s quick call and automatic call back features.

Enhanced Dot-Matrix Display

The DPH and DPH CMD have bright LCD displays with a one (DPH) or two-line (DPH CMD), 12 character alphanumeric icons.

Long Battery Life

Get a longer battery life between charges - over 18 hours with the new high-capacity lithium-ion battery.

FLASH Technology

FLASH Technology enables future enhancements via software instead of hardware changes.

Rated APCO P25

The DPH and DPH CMD meet or exceed APCO P25 specifications, including interoperability.

Rock-Solid Reliability

The DPH and DPH CMD meet or exceed tough MIL-STD and NIFC fire certification specs.

Weatherproof Design

Designed to go where you go, the DPH and DPH CMD are designed durable and weatherproof.

Nuisance Channel Delete

This feature gives you the option to delete any nuisance chatter channels that may be interrupting your communication.

Soft Switch Programming

Custom Program the toggle switches to suit your everyday needs.


OTAR (LZA0578)

OTAR (Over-The-Air-Rekeying) is the common name for the method of changing encryption keys over the air. The use of OTAR drastically reduces the distribution of physical keying material, allowing you to update radio encryption keys wirelessly through a designated key management facility.

AES/DES Encryption (LZA0577)

AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) development has been a co-operative venture between the U.S. government and the private industry sector resulting in a universal encryption system. AES and DES (Digital Encryption Standard) allows you to communicate with other radios that have the specific key programmed. RELM’s AES/DES Encryption is NIST certified, validated FIPS 140-2 Type III encryption with a 256 keyload.

Intrinsically Safe (LZA0558)

This option guards against the possibility of an electrical spark causing a fire or explosion, and is designed for use in hazardous environments. The IS (Intrinsically Safe) certification for the DPH portable covers Class 1 (petroleum/gas environments); Division 1 (flammable material present continuously); Group D (hazardous locations); and Group T3C (temperature rating).

More Information
Long Name DPH5102X-CMD Command Version, Digital APCO P25, 500 Channels, 5 Watt, VHF 136-174 MHZ, Metal Case - RELM BK Portable Radio
Product Name DPH5102X-CMD VHF 136-174 MHz
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs No
Frequency Range (Band) No
# of Channels 500
Grade Public Safety
Technology APCO P25 Digital
Transmit Power 5 Watts
Screen Type LCD
Water Rating No
Buttons On Faceplate Field Programmable Keypad (DTMF)
Programming Options Clone, Keypad (direct entry), PC Computer
Trunking No
GPS Enabled No
Encryption AES/DES Optional
Explosive Environment Rating Intrinsically Safe Optional
CMD Feature Set Yes

Radio, Manual, Side Port Cover



Channels 500
Selectable Code Guards Up to 400 (16 per group)
Selectable Network Access Code Up to 400 (16 per group)
Operating Voltage 10 V Nom.
Operating Temperature -30° to 60°C
Current Drain: Standby/Receive/Transmit 20 mA/255 mA/10.5A
Stability +/-2.5 PPM
Channel Increments 5.0/6.26/7.5 kHz
Operating Frequency Spread Channel 136-174 MHz
Spacing 25/30 and 12.5/15 KHz
Size (W x D x H) (std battery) 2.55 x 1.5 x 6.6 in
Weight 20 oz. (std battery)
Antenna Helical Would, Molded Rubber Flex


RP Power Output 5/2 Watts
Modulation 16K0F3E/11K0F3E/8K10F1D/8K10F1E
Spurious and Harmonics 60 dB
Hum and Noise (per TIA) 50 dB
Audio Distortion 3%/td>
Audio Response (per EIA) +1/-3 dB


Sensitivity -119 dBm
Selectivity 72 dB (wide), 60 dB (narrow)
Spurious Including Image 75 dB
Intermodulation 70 dB
Max. Audio Output (5% dist.) 500 mW
Audio Response (per EIA) +1/-3 dB
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