Over The Head, Heavy Duty Headset, KAA0223 for KNG

  • Noise cancelling earmuffs
  • Boom mic 
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What is the KAA0223 Heavy Duty Headset?

The KAA0223 is an over the head heavy duty headset with a boom mic, compatible with BK Radio KNG P series portable radios. 

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

KNG visual aid

  • KNG P150 and KNG P150 Command Series Radios
  • KNG P150S Series Radios
  • KNG P400 Series Radios
  • KNG P400S Series Radios
  • KNG P500 Series Radios
  • KNG P800 Series Radios
  • KNG2-P150 and KNG2-P150 Command Series Radios

Why Choose the KAA0223 Heavy Duty Headset?

The Heavy-Duty headset has noise cancelling earmuffs which cuts down the background noise in high noise environments. This is a great option for dozer and heavy equipment operators that carry Relm KNG P series radios.  


*For Behind the head headset see AAKNGDMMMR*

More Information
Long Name KAA0223 Heavy Duty OTH Headset with Boom Mic for RELM BK Radio KNG P Series
Product Name Over The Head, Heavy Duty Headset, KAA0223 for KNG
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs KAA0223, Otto V4-10
Accessory Type Headset
Grade Ruggedized
Connection Type Plug In
Water Rating IP50 & Below No Water
Additional Features No
  • Headset
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