3600 mAh, Li-Ion Battery for BK Radio KNG Portable Radios

  • 3600 mAh is longest lasting battery for KNG
  • Black color blends in with black radio
  • Li-Ion Chemistry allows for highest capacity while keeping the weight at a minimum
  • Equivalent to KAA0101
90% of 100

What is the 3600 mAh Battery?

The BAKNGRCBA36 is a black rechargeable 3600 mAh battery which outlasts all other batteries that are designed to be used with Relm BK KNG series portable radios by 38%! The 3600 mAh batteries are the longest lasting batteries on the market for the Bendix King KNG series radios.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

KNG visual aid

  • KNG P150 and KNG P150 Command Series Radios
  • KNG P150S Series Radios
  • KNG P400 Series Radios
  • KNG P400S Series Radios
  • KNG P500 Series Radios
  • KNG P800 Series Radios
  • KNG2 P Series Radios

Works with the following Chargers: 

  • CHKNGDTRE1BE Rapid Rate Desktop Charger
  • CHKNGVC9R1BE Rapid Rate vehicle Charger
  • CHKNGDT9R6BE Rapid Rate Desktop Charger
  • Any BK Radio OEM Rapid Rate charger

Why Choose the BAKNGRCBA36?

The 3600 mAh 10.8 volt rechargeable black extended life battery was specifically designed to work with Bendix King KNG P series two way radios. A long shifts on wildland fires can lead to heavy demands on your equipment. If you want your radio to last your entire shift, then this is the battery for you. This battery is equivalent to the KAA0101 and replaces the discontinued KAA0100 from BK Technologies. 

More Information
Long Name 3600 mAh, Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, BAKNGRCBA36, Equivalent to KAA0101 and KAA0100, for RELM BK Radio KNG, Black
Product Name 3600 mAh, Li-Ion Battery for BK Radio KNG Portable Radios
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs KAA0101, 49PP0101, 0101, BABA1407, BAREBA1407, KAA0100, BABA1503, BAKNGRCBA19, 49PP0100
Manufacturer BadAss
Type Li-Ion
Battery Color Black

Battery with belt clip

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