BigBoost Xtreme Flexible 32" Titanium Whip Antenna KNG

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  • 13 dB gain = distance, most standard antennas are 0 dB gain
  • Each antenna can be safely used 3 MHz to either side of the center frequency
  • Select center tuning from 153, 166, or 170 MHz
  • Easy to store when looped in a knot 
  • Unmatched boost in range when you need it most
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33" Titanium Whip BigBoost Antenna for BK KNG
BigBoost Xtreme Flexible 32" Titanium Whip Antenna KNG

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    What is the BigBoost Xtreme 32" Titanium Whip Antenna? 

    The BigBoost Xtreme also known as BBX is a flexible titanium 32 inch whip antenna for Bendix King KNG P150 series handheld radios. This titanium antenna is virtually indestructible and can withstand the elements that are often severe when fighting fires. The BBX antenna provides an unbeatable 13dB gain on the chosen frequency over the OEM rubber ducky antennas. 

    Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

    RELM BK Radio KNG visual aid

    • KNG P150 and KNG P150 Command Series Radios
    • KNG P150S Series Radios
    • KNG2 P150 and KNG2 P150CMD Series Radios

    Why it's crucial to have the ANSMWPBB33V?

    When your Rubber Ducky antenna isn't providing you with enough signal strength, the BigBoost Xtreme antenna will do the trick!  This antenna is designed for extreme boost in range and comes in 3 different VHF frequency ranges. The BigBoost Xtreme antenna can be ordered with center tuning to 153MHz, 166MHz or 170 MHz.  Antennas are meant to be transmitted through +/-3 MHz from the center frequency tuning of the frequency of the antenna you order, which means the 170 MHz antenna are tuned to transmit on frequencies 167-173 MHz.

    More Information
    Long Name BigBoost Xteme Flexible 32" Titanium Whip Antenna for BK KNG VHF Portable Radios
    Product Name BigBoost Xtreme Flexible 32" Titanium Whip Antenna KNG
    Manufacturer BigBoost
    This Product Replaces The Following SKUs 49SSTITA, 901-1121-170, 901-1121-166, 901-1121-153
    Frequency Range VHF 136-174 MHz
    dB Gain 13 dB
    Type / Length Whip 16-60"


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