1900 mAh, Li-Ion Short Stack Battery for DPH, GPH

  • 1900 MAh Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • Shortest and lightest battery option
  • Last longer than the NiCad Batteries
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What is the Short Stack Battery?

The replacement LAA0171 is a short stack 1900 mAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery used to power BK Radio Legacy series portables. This battery will shorten and lighten your Bendix King handheld radio while providing much longer battery life than the original NiCad battery.

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

DPH-GPH-EPH visual aid

  • DPH5102X, DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD
  • GPH5102X, GPH5102XP, GPH5102XP-CMD
  • EPH Series Radios 
  • LPH Series Radios
  • KX99 Handheld Radio

Works with the following Chargers:

  • CHDPHDTRE1B Rapid Rate Desktop Charger
  • CHDPHVC9R1BE Rapid Rate vehicle Charger
  • CHDPHDT9R6BE Rapid Rate 6-Bay Charger
  • Any Bendix King OEM Rapid Rate Charger

Why Choose the LAA0171 Battery?

The short stack battery is shorter and lighter than the original standard LAA0170 Li-Ion rechargeable battery. This is a great choice for wildland firefighters that have to carry a lot of equipment and want to lighten the load every way possible. This short stack battery works great with your BK Radio DPH and GPH handheld radios. 


More Information
Long Name BADPHRCBA19, Short Stack, 1900 mAh, Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery, Equivalent to Bendix King LAA0171 for RELM BK DPH, GPH Portable Radios
Product Name 1900 mAh, Li-Ion Short Stack Battery for DPH, GPH
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs LAA0171, LAA0105
Manufacturer BadAss
Type Li-Ion
Battery Color Black


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