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$99 Annually – With your 49er Communications Miner Membership, you and your company can enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

  • Miner Member Preferred Pricing on select items you purchase from 49er Communications, Inc. Member referred pricing is 10-50% off of our regular prices and can save you hundreds of dollars on the purchase of our most popular radios.
  • You get access to 49er Communications, Inc., BK Radio Intellectual Playground.
    Which has ready access to a wealth of valuable articles, Interactive parts guide for older radios, a variety of BK Radio Manuals, incident diagrams and basic user instructions.
  • Access to Factory Technical Advisors.
    Quick help when you need to troubleshoot problems and get answers fast regarding your radio equipment purchased from 49er Communications, Inc.
  • Priority Order Processing
    All Miner Members receive priority order processing on all your orders which moves your precedence in the warehouse to the front of the line and waives the expedited fee on rush orders. This is an $18 savings on every order.
  • Superior Support - Our customer support staff exists to serve our members and help each one with all of your communication concerns.  Our staff has been chosen carefully as each of them embodies our core values of caring, trust, integrity, peak attitude, and passion. They have the important job of catering to all your communication needs to the best of their abilities.
  • Flexibility of No Minimum Purchase on any orders.
    To preserve our warehouse pricing non-member customers pay a $20 low order fee on orders under $50. We wave this fee for all miner members so you can get what you need, and nothing more, when you need it.

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