Bendix King Radio Kits for CALFIRE

BK RadioCommand Series

The preferred radio of CALFIRE is the Bendix King Command series.

For well over 60 years wildland firefighters have relied upon Bendix King Radios for their primary communications transceiver. Nationwide, Forest Service incident command centers are prepared and equipped to program, repair and assist with these radios during local and regional fire emergencies. The Command (CMD) version of these radios have a special feature which allows its user to create a programmable COMMAND GROUP on the fly. The GPH Commander has served CALFIRE well for many years. There are still many of these GPH Commanders out in the field, but they are being phased out in favor of the all new KNG P150 Command portable radio.

Radio KitsChoose Wisely

By buying your Bendix King Radio as a kit you can achieve a significant savings over buying each piece individually.

If your job requires you to primarily work from a vehicle, like a water tender or bulldozer, you might consider rechargeable batteries and a vehicle charger. If you primarily work on foot, such as operating a chainsaw, you might consider clamshells that use AA batteries. While the AA battery clamshells do not last as long as the rechargeable batteries, the AA batteries are easily resupplied and do not require a charger or power source for the charger. If you use your radio even when you are not on a wildfire incident, then you should consider both clamshells and rechargeable batteries.

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  1. NIFC Approved BKR5000 Wildland Fire Radio Bundle
    NIFC Approved BKR5000 Wildland Fire Radio Bundle
    • (1) BK Technologies - BKR5000 - Latest and greatest handheld two-way radio. This NEW, light weight, feature rich, radio can go as long as you do with its extended battery life. The BKR series is waterproof and designed to be BK tough, so it can handle all of the harsh environments you do.
    • (1) Speaker Mic - AABKRSPREP3VE - Public Safety Speaker Mic, BKR0204 - IP68 (Submersible) with 3.5mm Jack for BKR Radios
    • (1) High Gain - ANKNGWPRE10.5V - BKR0810GPS - 10.5 Inch whip antenna
    • (1) High Capacity - BABKRRCRE49 - 4900mAh super high capacity batteries.
    • (1) Orange Clamshells - BABKRCSREO - Orange "AA" Clamshell for BK Radio BKR5000
    • (1) Vehicle Charger - CHBKRVC9R1BE - Rapid Charges Li-Ion Batteries for BK Radio BKR5000
    • (1) Leather Radio Holster - CHBKRL9ROKR - Open front with swivel belt loop
    • Field Programming Enabled
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  2. KNG-M APCO P25 Digital Dash Mount Mobile Radios

    Starting at $3,811.05

    KNG-M APCO P25 Digital Dash Mount Mobile Radios
    SKU KNG-M150-M400-M800
    • KNG-M150 VHF 136-174 MHz
    • KNG-M400 UHF 380-470 MHz
    • KNG-M800 763-870 MHz
    • Approved for Cal Fire and USFS
    • 50 Watt standard, 100 Watt Optional Upgrade
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  3. KNG-MxxxR APCO P25 Digital Remote Mount Mobile Radio

    Starting at $4,413.00

    KNG-MxxxR APCO P25 Digital Remote Mount Mobile Radio
    SKU KNG-M150R-800R
    • Choose Radio Model: KNG-M150R, KNG-M400R, KNG-M500R or KNG-M800R
    • Cal Fire Configuration
    • 50 Watt Standard
    • Upgradeable to 100 Watts
    • 5000 Channels
    • Dynamic Grouping
    • If you Just want to buy the radio body Call 800-552-0707
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