9.5 Inch Antenna VHF 150-160 MHz EXH155KR

  • 9.5 Inch Rubber Ducky Antenna
  • Brown Tip
  • VHF 150-160 MHz
  • Threaded KR Connector

What is the EXH155KR Antenna? 

The Laird EXH155KR is a 9.5 inch antenna tuned to the 150-160 MHz spectrum for Bendix King legacy series handheld radios. 

Works with the following Bendix King Radios: 

DPH-GPH-EPH visual aid

  • DPH5102X, DPHX5102X, DPH5102X-CMD
  • GPH5102X, GPH5102XP, GPH5102XP-CMD
  • EPH Series Radios 

Why do you need the ANDPHWPTA9.5V?

If you are using a Relm BK legacy series DPH or GPH radio this would be the antenna for you! This antenna has a threaded KR connector which screws into the antenna port on the top of the radio and a brown tip to signify the 155 center tuning on the end of the antenna. 

More Information
Long Name Laird EXH155KR - 9.5 Inch Antenna, Brown Tip, VHF 150-160 MHz, KR Connector, 0db Gain for RELM BK Radio DPH, GPH
Product Name 9.5 Inch Antenna VHF 150-160 MHz EXH155KR
Manufacturer Laird
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs EXH150KR
Frequency Range VHF 136-174 MHz
dB Gain 0 dB
Type / Length Standard 7-11"


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