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We have Bendix King DTMF Programing Microphones, Bendix King External Speakers, Bendix King External Microphones, Bendix King standard mobile microphones and Bendix King KNG Handheld control heads in stock. Choose between Bendix King KNG-M or Bendix King DMH & GMH models on the left hand side for models that work with your Bendix King radio.

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  1. LAA0290 DTMF Programming Speaker Mic for Bendix King DPH, GPH, EPH
    DTMF Programming Microphone, LAA0290 for DMH, GMH
    • LAA0290X Programming Microphone
    • Includes 16 key DTMF Keypad
    • Allows for Field Programming
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  2. LAA0276 Standard Speaker Mic for Bendix King DMH, GMH
    Standard Microphone, LAA0276 for DMH, GMH, EMH
    • Bendix King LAA0276
    • Standard microphone
    • Easy to use  
    • Tough, durable, factory original part.
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  3. KAA0290 DTMF Programming Microphone for RELM BK Radio KNG M Mobile Radios
    DTMF Programming Microphone, KAA0290 for KNG Mobiles
    • Bendix King Programming Microphone
    • Alphanumeric keypad 
    • Three programmable function buttons
    • Function select switch 
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  4. LAA0261 External Speaker for Bendix King DMH, GMH
    External Speaker, LAA0261 for BK DMH, GMH
    • Bendix King LAA0261
    • External speaker
    • Sound is crisp and loud 
    • Easy to install 
    • Includes bracket
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  5. LAA0258 Desktop Speaker Mic for Bendix King Mobiles, Repeaters, Base Stations
    Desktop Microphone, LAA0258 for DMH, GMH
    • Bendix King LAA0258
    • Desktop microphone
    • Plug and play  
    • Clear audio transmissions
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  6. KAA0276 Standard Microphone for RELM BK Radio KNG M
    Standard Microphone, KAA0276 for KNG-M
    • Standard Microphone for the BK KNG-M 
    • Tough, durable factory original part
    • Can be mounted in vehicle for convenient communications.
    • Transmits clear audio
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  7. KAA0261 External Speaker for Bendix King DMH, GMH Mobile Radios
    External Speaker, KAA0261 for KNG-M and KAA0660
    • Bendix King KNG-M External Speaker
    • Can be mounted away from radio head  
    • 20 watt speaker 
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  8. KAA0258 Desktop Microphone for RELM BK Radio KNG M
    Desktop Microphone, KAA0258 for KNG-M, KNG-B
    • Desktop Microphone for Bendix King KNG M Series Radios
    • Flip-Up design
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