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  1. Antenna Mounting Base
    Antenna Mounting Base

    Antenna Mounting Base, RELM BK Radio MBS  - Use with Tri-pod for NMO Mount Antennas

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  2. Y1503 VHF 150-174 MHZ Yagi 7.1 dB Gain Directional Base Station Antenna
    Y1503 Base Station Antenna VHF 150-174 MHz

    VHF 150-174 MHZ yagi 7.1 dB gain directional base station antenna

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  3. FG1563 Antennex VHF Base Station Antenna - 68", Omni Directional, VHF 152-156 MHz, N-Female Termination
    FG1563 Omni-Directional 68 Inch Antenna VHF 152-156 MHz

    Omni antenna VHF base station-68": Directional 156 - 162 MHZ N female termination

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  4. ANBNFOTA60VB Omni-Directional Antenna, TELANT150F2 -  enclosed in a cool blue fiberglass radome, VHF 148-174 MHz, 2.5 dB Gain, 60 Inch
    TELANT150F2 Omni-Directional 60 Inch Antenna VHF 148-174 MHz

    Omni-directional antenna enclosed in a cool blue fiberglass radome, VHF 148-174 MHz, 2.5 dB gain, 60', comes with 24" jumper cable RG213 N-female. The rugged, high-tech radome and brass and copper element construction with a path to DC ground for lightening protection that survives all environmental conditions.

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  5. Yagi, Directional Antenna, Sinclair SY450-SF1SNM -  746-896, 6.5 dB Gain, N-Male Connector
    Yagi, Directional Antenna 746-896 MHz

    Awesome Because:

    • High gain, wide band antenna in the 746-896 MHz range.
    • Designed for superior performance and versatility, this 6-element yagi fills a variety of applications.
    • Can be stacked for additional gain.
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