RDPR-UM 5 Watt Portable Repeater Package


5 Watt RDPR Portable Repeater Includes:

  • Black Military Repeater Unit
  • Foldable Solar Panel
  • Charging Cables

What is the RDPR-00UM?

Plug and Play – The Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater (RDPR-UM) is designed to extend range and to facilitate interoperability with other radio platforms. Mounted in a small, mobile, weather tight and durable pelican case, the repeater is human portable or can be mounted in a vehicle. The repeater connects two portable radios of the same type to double their effective range.

Possible Configurations

  • Cross Mode (Analog – Digital)
  • Cross Band (HF/VHF/UHF/700/800 MHz)
  • Cross Protocol (Conventional – Trunking)
  • Cross Domain (Type III to Type I Encryption)
  • Optional Linked Repeater
  • Tactical Mobile Repeater


The RDPR is sold in packages. Unless you choose a package that specifies no radios, the package includes everything you need for operation, including solar panel, radio interface kit, radios, antenna(s), and batteries.

The basic Kit includes 2 Tri-Pods, 2 Antennas, Cables and antenna bases.  You have the option to order a package with radios, which interface kit that is specified for the radios included in your package.  Packages without radios do not include an interface kit as we have no way to know which radios you intend to use. In this case if you do not already have the radio interface kit necessary for your radios please give us a call at (800) 552-0707 to order your radio interface kit separately. We can also put together custom packages with such option as a secondary battery or a third radio link. Please call if you need a custom package.

The Duplexed radio packages are best if using a fixed frequency that is at least 5 MHz apart, but not larger than 10 MHz separation.  This option allows for the use of a single antenna and a installed Duplexer, frequencies will need to be provided to determine the correct duplexer for your repeater.

More Information
Long Name RDPR-UM 5 Watt Portable Repeater Package, Rapid Deployment Portable Repeater by Relm BK Radio
Product Name RDPR-UM 5 Watt Portable Repeater Package
Manufacturer BK Technologies
This Product Replaces The Following SKUs RDPR
# of Channels No
Radio Type Rapid Deployment
Grade Public Safety
Technology APCO P25 Digital
Transmit Power No
Screen Type No
Buttons On Faceplate No
Microphone Options No
Programming Options Clone, Keypad (direct entry), PC Computer
Trunking Optional
GPS Enabled No
Encryption AES/DES Optional
Explosive Environment Rating Not Rated

RDPR Repeater, Solar panel, charging cables

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