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Line Card

Line Card
Price: $5,315.00
Product ID : GRHP
Weight: 9.00 lbs



BK Portable Repeater that allows two GMHXP mobiles to be operated as an Analog Tactical repeater. Radios go inside case for portability. (Price does not include power supply, duplexer, microphone or programming)

Bendix King GRH enables the repeater to extend analog network coverage whenever and wherever needed.

~More Radio for Your dollar, times two~



136-174 MHz VHF
400 channels
Analog operation
15-50 watts programmable RF power
Flex-Mode per-channel narrowband/wideband channel spacing

Cloning technology transfers information from one radio to another radio, or radio to repeater, or repeater to radio, automatically
FLASH technology enables future enhancements without hardware changes, instead adding software capabilities quickly and easily.



Please choose your speaker mic preference, power supply, internal duplexer* and programming package from the drop down menus above

(Internal duplexer requires a MINIMUM of 5 MHz spread between your RX and TX frequency; ie: 151.750 RX  156.750 TX)