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BigBoost Extreme Telescoping Antenna
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Price: $350.00
Product ID : 49SSTSKR
Weight: 0.30 lbs


SMA M: Midland STP
Choose Frequency Range
150-156: Tuned 153 MHz
153-159: Tuned 156 MHz
157-163: Tuned 160 MHz
160-166: Tuned 163 MHz
163-169: Tuned 166 MHz
167-173: Tuned 170 MHz


Antenna Available for: 

  • BK DPH/GPH Radios (BK DPH)
  • BK KNG P150 Radios (SMA M)
  • MIDLAND STP Radios (SMA M)

Choose the Radio type from the list above

Here it is plain and simple folk's. The 49SSTSKR is the best antenna on the market for your Bendix King radio.

The Standard frequency for antennas that we stock is tuned at 170 MHz so check your frequencies before purchasing. The range of the antenna is demonstrated in the picture above. Using the antenna outside of it's 6MHz center tuned range could cause damage to your radio.

If you would like to order a custom tuned antenna please call us at 800-552-0707 and we will order it for you today!

The reason behind it all revolves around the technology allowing for a much more effecient antenna with less electrical resistance then your average factory antenna. The 49SSTSKR is telescoping (has the ability to extend to 33") this feature allows the radio to receive radio transmittions at much further distances then normal. The antenna gives an extra "Hmph" to reach farther then any other antenna out there. In fact its been said to reach 30-50 miles in the right conditions.  


Yes, of course this will run your battery down a little faster, but it could also be your only lifeline if you need to transmit out to base camp if something goes wrong. The recommend usage of this antenna is for emergency situations however there are personel that use it as a normal everyday antenna. Once again just be weary of your Clamshell or battery power being drained quicker. This antenna will flat out amaze you.


**8-12 Week Lead Time**